Buying Real Estate? Let Us Be Your Guide and Ally.

If you are buying real estate, or you have a client who is going through this process, we would be honored to provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need to avoid problems with the transaction. From writing contracts to performing thorough title searches, all the way through to closing, we will be there for you. We understand that every real estate transaction is unique. That is why we have put together a number of different service options which will help you get the representation you need—without ever overpaying.

Premium Buyer’s Representation

Our Premium Buyer’s Representation allows those who are purchasing real estate to enjoy a truly exceptional experience while closing on their purchase of real estate. With no limitations on the amount of time our attorney can spend on your deal, this level of service provides our attorney with the opportunity to do his best work. Those who value their time and prefer  personal service should consider this premium level of representation.

Value Buyer’s Representation

Our Value Buyer’s Representation allows those purchasing real estate to obtain structured legal representation throughout the closing process at a very competitive price point. Those choosing this option will have direct access to our attorney at important stages of the closing process; however, they will not have unlimited access to the attorney. Those who would prefer unlimited access to the attorney should consider our Premium Buyer’s Service.

Closing and Title Agent Service

Our Closing and Title Agent Service allows those purchasing real estate to close with an attorney’s office while paying a settlement fee that is comparable to the settlement fee charged by title companies. While those who choose this option will not have direct access to an attorney or receive legal advice, they do receive a high level of service from staff members who have been personally trained by our seasoned attorney. We offer this service because we believe costs should never drive those purchasing real estate to close with a title company as opposed to an attorney’s office.

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If you have any questions about these services, or if you would like to discuss which one would be best for you, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to go over all your options!