Refinancing Your Mortgage Offers an Excellent Opportunity to Negotiate for Better Terms

If you are getting ready to refinance your mortgage, now is the perfect time to give us a call. We understand that those who refinance are generally looking for the best deal. This is why we developed a special offering for those who are working on a refinance. Many lenders have affiliated title companies that they push on their clients. However, you are generally free to choose your own title agent when refinancing. So, choose the Law Office of Enrique J. Fernandez as your title agent. We provide you with many important benefits that will ensure your refinancing goes smoothly.

We Are on Your Side

Make no mistake, the title companies recommended by lenders are loyal to the lenders. The lender is the one who refers them the business and the lender is who they want to make happy. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who wants to make YOU happy? Choose our office as your title agent and you know you have someone who’s on your side, fighting for you.

Confidence You Are Paying the Lowest Fees

During the early stages of any refinance, the lender will provide the borrower with a Loan Estimate. This Loan Estimate will include the estimate of fees that the lender’s preferred title agent will charge. When you receive your Loan Estimate, give us a call at (305)226-4529. We can go over the costs with you and will likely be able to beat the Lender’s estimate.

Enjoyment of Your Deal

Refinancing does not have to be a stressful experience. We understand that your refinance is very important to you and we do everything we can to ensure your experience is enjoyable.

Contact us to discuss your situation and get the refinancing process started right away.