Identifying and Resolving Real Estate Legal Issues From Day One

Buying, selling, or refinancing real estate is one of the most important things people do during their life. For many, these types of transactions will be the single largest financial investment they are ever involved in.

Keeping this in mind, would you want to navigate such a transaction yourself without any sort of legal guidance or help and just hope that it all goes smoothly?

No matter your situation, having an attorney at your side can provide you with the legal guidance necessary to avoid problems with your home today and long into the future.

Protections for Buyers

Buying real estate in Florida is a great opportunity, but it is also one where you need to be careful to ensure you are getting the right deal. When we work with you, we’ll perform detailed title checks and take action to resolve any potential issues before you make your purchase. We’ll also negotiate on your behalf to ensure you are not only getting a fair price, but also that the other terms are right for your situation.

Protections for Sellers

When selling real estate, you are responsible for disclosing many types of information about the property before the sale goes through. We can help identify exactly what needs to be disclosed and present that information in such a way as to ensure you are protected from future issues. In addition, we can write or review all contracts to ensure your interests are protected as well as to make sure everything is organized and in order.

Legal Help With Refinancing 

Refinancing a home or other type of real estate is often a great opportunity to get better terms for you today and in the future. This is also an ideal time to have an attorney look for potential issues, negotiate the best possible terms, and write up contracts that will provide you with the legal protections you need.

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